Sunday, 29 October 2017

How Can VLC Help In Converting MP4 To AVI

There was a time when people were familiar with MP3. Then came different versions of it. Slowly, modern technology showed its real face and brought in a lot of different things which can be converted to whatever format you like. Music, when played in these different technology gives you a different feeling. The reason is the mp3 or the mp4 player. The clarity of the sound differs according to the players. You can get more lessons on these technologies in As per, when MP4 is converted to AVI, you can feel the difference in the sound production. Let us read on how VLC can help in the conversion. The process is very easy. Vlc is a multimedia player that can work on various platforms. Almost all the files such as VCD, audio, CDs can be played with the help of VLC. No matter whether your system is Windows or whether you have an android. There will not be any disturbance of ads, and you can completely trust it as it doesn’t require the user information. When you try to convert to AVI, the first thing you need to do is select a file from your records. If you do not have it, save it from the internet and add it to the queue wherein you want the conversion to happen. There will be a button which has the option and says convert or save. You need to click that button. The next thing you need to do is to select the folder where you want to save the converted file. When you try to save the file, another drop down box will come up. From there you can select AVI. Click on that option. For the conversion to start, click on start icon. If you have a video converter, then you will be able to convert the video to WAV, AVI, MP4, MP3 and FLV. With the help of new technology such as iPod, Apple tv etc. you can either convert the whole video part or a portion of it according to your choice. They also allow you to crop the file so that you get the results you want. For the conversion, first, you need to install the converter and then click on the option which says add files. Upload the files you need. You can either save it, or you can also do the drag and drop. If the video that needs to be converted is in the mobile, then make sure that you have the converter installed in the mobile. Or else you need to transfer the contents to a system where you have got the converter installed. Once it is done, click on the video and then give the option as AVI as the output. You can adjust the bitrate or the framerate by using the encoding settings. Once you are over with the above, make sure to click on the convert all icon so that you can all the files converted to AVI from MP4. You can choose whether you want to save the converted files in a separate destination or you want to replace the original with the converted on.

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