Monday, 5 June 2017

Are You Interested In DVR Without Subscription Fees? Read This!

DVR is what lets you record your TV shows and watch them whenever you want to. The monthly subscription fees of this service are what hold back most of the people from going for it. Don’t be surprised if someone tells you that they are enjoying dvr without subscription fee. It is possible and you can also try it with a little technical knowledge which you will obtain by the time you read this fully!
According to, lack of knowledge about the right gadgets is what mostly causes increased expenses in your daily life. If DVRs can be used without a subscription fee, it will save you a great deal of money.
Points to consider
First of all, you need to have an idea about your budget. This will help you to choose the options within that limit. You can use the old equipment or go for upgrade options according to your convenience and budget. Before choosing the devices, you have to check for the available space in the area where TV is kept. Check whether there is space for extra devices or not. If space is less, it is better to go for an all in one unit.
A checklist for DVR without subscription
While going for a DVR which can be used without a subscription, check for the following.
·         Does it possess sufficient internal memory?
·         Is Wi-Fi included?
·         What is the streaming service?
·         Does the package include a hard drive?
·         Is the program guide data free?
·         Is the image quality excellent?
·         Does the channel guide has enough quality?
·         What is the number of shows that can be recorded at a time?
·         Is recording possible along with watching? If yes, how many?
·         Is it possible to record just latest episode?
·         Does the interface display summaries and episode names?
Get all the above queries cleared. If you have any additional preferences or interests, check for the availability of such features also. Then choose the one which best matches with your requirements and gives the best value for your money.
Top DVRs that work without subscription.
·         Channel Master DVR+ Bundle- This is the most popular choice as of now. This subscription free digital video recorder comes with a lot of features and a channel guide. Two shows can be recorded at once and you can watch one at the same time. Storage can be enhanced by connecting a USB hard drive to the device. The only drawback to this DVR is that it works with onlu Vudu as the streaming service. Netflix and other services will not work.
·         Tablo DVR- Tablo DVR is a new entry into the field. It works with streaming providers like Apple-tv, Amazon fire, Netflix and Hulu plus. You can also watch your personal favorite TV shows by using an HDTV antenna.
In addition to these two, Tivo Roamio and Magnavox are the other popular types.

Now, do you think you have to pay monthly subscription fees for DVRs again? New technologies are available to make your life easy. So why to stay away from it? Be wise and choose smart!

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