Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Truth behind the Free iPhone 6


You might have seen flashing ads on the Internet – claiming to offer the free iPhone 6. You might have also read people telling about how they got free iPhone. Now, you may wonder how the companies or websites are able to offer the iPhone 6 for free? Well, the fact is that they are not absolutely offering these expensive for free. They offer the iPhone in exchange for some works or benefits. Now, let us look into the purpose offering free iPhone 6.
It is impossible for a company to offer the expensive iPhones to people for no reasons. Each website or company receives some benefits by offering the iPhones. Some websites may ask you to fill the surveys to increase the chance of winning an iPhone. Such surveys are very helpful for the website owners in determining the behavior of the Internet users. Such surveys help the website owners or companies to improve their service and earn more profits. It takes a lot of time and money to take surveys. By offering iPhone 6 for free, many people would show interests in filling the surveys.
Some websites will ask you to share and promote their websites through social media to win an iPhone. A person who made more shares or better promotion will be awarded a free iPhone at end of a month. Here, the website benefited a lot by the promotion done by many participants.
In some instances, the manufacturer of the iPhone, Apple would offer the smartphone for testing purpose. By agreeing to become a tester, you would have an opportunity to use the iPhone for free for some months or a year. At the end of the testing, the company may offer to give you that testing product for free rather than asking you to return. Here, the company benefits a lot by the feedback given by you as a tester. To Get Free iPhone 6, you may visit this website as it provides iPhone 6 for free.